Clarity and amazing Ease of Use! The most intuitive software for Pest Control Companies.

Manages the key essentials incredibly well.

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Designed exclusively for the Pest Control industry with no data limits! So bring on the customers, technicians, and users, we’ve got you covered. It’s also built with FileMaker Pro, so it can handle any combination of Windows and Mac in the office. Buy PestaRoo for one month before trying any other software. You will be glad you did!

Customer Data

Unusually Easy

Find any customer by any criteria, FAST. You could type part of their name, or part of their address, or even their balance due to find them! You can even do a find by entering part of their contact number or email. And, with unlimited space for contact information, you can enter as many as you like! Nothing is ever more than a click away. Jump right into a customer’s invoices, work orders, payments, and more with ease.

PestaRoo Mobile

Take It To Go

Take your company into the future and empower your technicians with PestaRoo Mobile for iPad. More work can get done in the field, and less paper will crowd your office. In one tap, field data will flow out from an iPad, and all the work for tomorrow and beyond will flow back up to the office. And, with PestaRoo Mobile’s sync technology, you won’t even need to worry about spotty connections.

Universal Button Bars

Mystifyingly Simple

Worried about getting lost in new software? Don’t be. Our shiny button bar is at the top of every screen, and it won’t change on you. So say goodbye to hunting and pecking for basic functionality, and say hello to PestaRoo!

Schedule Book

Breezy Scheduling

With our schedule book you can make changes with a couple clicks! And, with views designed for daily and weekly scheduling, you will always be ahead and on top. Oh yeah, and we don’t put limits on the number of technicians that you can have. Schedule as many as you like at no extra charge!

Live Stats at Home Page

Your Scoreboard

Want a score board for your office? PestaRoo’s live stats are just the thing. Customized alerts, unfinished work, unscheduled work, late installments, and more are all kept in one place.


Stunning Clarity

If you are going to use something everyday, why not make it look nice? In fact, why not make it look so nice that it speeds up your data entry and saves you money? With abundant white space, clean lines, and carefully curated screens, we fit the bill. But PestaRoo’s quality design isn’t all about the money, it also lowers stress and fatigue on your office workers, allowing your customers the best service possible.

Word Orders

Pays Its Way

PestaRoo is designed to save you money, and work orders is another area we do just that. Our work orders can use inexpensive ’NCR’ paper and can print preloaded with the EPA#’s and app rates for the chemicals you think you might use for that service. So instead of special expensive paper, or work orders so generic that they could work in any and all service industries, ours give you what you need and don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Who should NOT buy PestaRoo?

Who should NOT buy PestaRoo?

You don’t sweat the small stuff.
You think all software is the same.
You are content with tools that are just "good enough".
You aren’t interested in using data to grow your business.
You don’t care about visual clarity or ease of use.
You don’t want to own and control your own data.
If any of the above are true, PestaRoo might not be for you.

Top-notch support

At PestaRoo, we still provide live telephone support.

Most companies limit their support to emails only. Sometimes a real person to talk to can be very helpful. Our support numbers are always on the front Home Page of the software and on our website.

Telephone support is free for 30 days! And includes up to 3 personal training sessions.

We are confident you will be absolutely thrilled with our software.

View our support documents.

With happy users everywhere

We have some a lot of happy customers and here's what some are saying:

‘PestaRoo’   There are lots of things I like about PestaRoo. I really like the accounting and billing features of the program. Also really like the way you can have virtually […]

William Hill, Weaver’s Exterminating (KS)

‘PestaRoo’   They are always ready to help with any situation, no matter where he is, or when it is. Great support and super people.

Linda Brannan, Schendel Pest Control (KS)

PestaRoo is an amazing company!   The support PestaRoo provides is amazing, no matter how simple the question they don’t mind helping.

Mindy Layne, PCI Pest Control (WA)

‘Loving It’   We found PestaRoo after we tried two other systems and being frustrated with those two. They made the transition from the old one to PestaRoo so easy and […]

Manami Workman, PestOut (VA)

‘PestaRoo, 2nd to None!’   I know I’m supposed to say a con but I honestly can’t, unless it is that PestaRoo doesn’t run my company for me. I mean I […]

Don Woodsome, Integrity Termite & Pest Control (FL)

‘The Perfect Software For My Business’  After a great deal of research to find the perfect software for my company, I chose PestaRoo. This is a great package to grow […]

Patti Witten, Witten Pest Control (TX)