This is a reminder to use Alerts! Alert triggers look like small yellow triangles and are found on nearly every screen in PestaRoo. Clicking on one of these triangles instantly creates an Alert for that customer. Pick a date and type in your info and its done! When that Alert’s due date arrives, PestaRoo will warn you with a red Live Stat button on Home Page. PestaRoo’s Alerts are like having your own full-time appointment secretary who never forgets to remind you! The value of Alerts to PestaRoo customers is just coming apparent. They are being used for many great business functions: a followup call 5 days after sending out a quote ; reminder to reorder a critical product next year just before you get too busy ; birthdays of some of your key customers ; Call a customer in eleven month who has had a serious infestation to schedule treatment before the problem reoccurs; make a followup call at 10 days, “Did we take care of your problem completely?” ; a ten day followup on a conversation where you were talking about a new service, “Are you ready to start using it now?” The most profitable PestaRoo companies tend to use Alerts a lot. You should to! Big or small, alerts allow you to take better care of your customers. And your skill at taking care of your customers defines the size of your bottom line. Use Alerts!