PestaRoo and the Mac OS iCloud

Are you running PestaRoo on a Mac? If so, here is a critical tip for performance. This Tip ONLY applies to the computer that is your PestaRoo host. Any other connected users in the office need not be concerned….

AutoPay of Installments

Did you know that PestaRoo supports AutoPay for Installments? This is great feature that can be key to bringing in new large ticket customers, plus it can be a great way manage your mid-winter cash flow challenges.

PrePays for Cash Flow

Every pest control company struggles with cash flow during the off-season. Bills and expenses pile up, while sales diminish. One solution to address this cash flow crunch is to encourage Customers to PrePay for their services by offering them a bonus.

Go Slowly, Let Things Evolve

Pest Control businesses are complex. You have many services, many products, multiple employees, and lots of options. You have to decide where, and when, to spend your money and how to set your priorities. To be successful, you need to recognize that complex systems naturally evolve, and are seldom fully designed up front. No one can see everything that may crop up and affect their plans.