Like a Fine Workroom

PestaRoo is like a fine workshop or workroom. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Carefully organized so you can easily reach everything you need. And designed to support your tasks to make things easy!

Using the Status Field for Prospects

The field ‘customer status’, in PestaRoo normally is used to track ‘Current’, ‘Slow Pay’, ‘Moved Away’ and ‘Deceased’ customers. But it is surprisingly effective for tracking Prospects also. ‘Status’ is at the lower right of any customer record on the Choose Name layout. By adding some special values, like ‘need to call’, ‘warm’, ‘cold’, and …

PestaRoo Uses Gradients

PestaRoo uses gradients in many places to help focus your eyes on the most important things. For example, on Customer Info, your eyes gravitate to the the customer’s name because of the gradients. This makes the software easier to use and less fatiguing.

Key Groups in Button Bars

The Button Bar on every layout includes the 2 key groups: The ‘Choose’ buttons (Customer, Locations, WO’s and Invoices) and the ‘View’ buttons (Info, Choose, List) buttons. Having these two clusters, (with others like Home, Schedule book, and Print) give you excellent one click navigation. This navigation system, refined over  years, gives PestaRoo users a powerful …

Info Layouts

The major info layouts are designed for visual clarity and focus. The use of gradients and the blue oval area provides focus. In addition, the main areas you need to navigate to, are driven by visually simple icons. Many layouts include a ‘More…’ button for less frequently used information.