Foreign Countries Supported

PestaRoo supports several foreign countries. In each case, phone number formatting is matched with the local preference. Also, zip or postal codes are provided for that country to drive the city and state lookups. Countries supported include USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

Curation via Layers

Most art and historical museums have thousands of other items in their storerooms, not on display. But effective museums carefully select what is to be shown up front. This ‘curation’ is something PestaRoo uses to keep our screens visually clear and easy to use. The less frequently needed items slide to a lower layer.


Most software looks like those public bulletin boards at coffee shops. Packed, overlapping, confusing, and impossible to find what you need. PestaRoo is revolutionary in its use of open white space, limited colors, and subtle gradients to guide and focus your eyes. Say goodbye to eye chatter and fatigue.