The single word that describes PestaRoo’s appearance best is “Clarity’. We know you have hundred of things to do everyday, so we want your time in PestaRoo to be visually pleasant, visually quiet, and easy to follow. Clarity.  Look closely at Home Page or Customer Info.  You will see Clarity.  Clarity is the single largest component of …

Sales Tax Jurisdictions

Sales Tax collection and reporting is necessary chore. PestaRoo makes it less painful with jurisdictions by location, one click reports for the state, and Warnings if you try to post an invoice with a location that is missing its jurisdiction. Nice.


Throughout PestaRoo, we have safeguards to help you. Two examples: 1)  If you type in a phone number, PestaRoo quickly turns the number to red if you skip or add an extra digit.  Great way to catch errors! Correct the number… and it instantly reverts to black type.  2) If a customer has an existing credit, …

Naming Locations

To be able to name locations is a critical ability in many commercial situations. For example, an enclosed mall may have only one address, even though it contains many individual businesses.  With PestaRoo, when you name a location, the location name flows, with its address, throughout associated WO’s, PreScheds, and Invoices.