PrePays for Cash Flow

Every pest control company struggles with cash flow during the off-season. Bills and expenses pile up, while sales diminish. One solution to address this cash flow crunch is to encourage Customers to PrePay for their services by offering them a bonus.

Go Slowly, Let Things Evolve

Pest Control businesses are complex. You have many services, many products, multiple employees, and lots of options. You have to decide where, and when, to spend your money and how to set your priorities. To be successful, you need to recognize that complex systems naturally evolve, and are seldom fully designed up front. No one can see everything that may crop up and affect their plans.

Business Models Shift to Subscription

Software sold as a subscription is perhaps the biggest transformation yet for computers. There are two reasons for this change. Expensive to build software can be much more manageable if ‘sold’ monthly. But it turns out that this is really a minor detail. The real value of subscription-based software is its ability to morph for the ever changing business environment today. This is a very big deal.

Service Type Naming for Growth

Whether you are a new company starting out, or a long-term company with 50 years of experience, there is potential benefit in re-visiting the naming of your service types. Data mining and enhancing sales are the two areas where your company can win after carefully re-setting your service type names. How? Read on.

Value vs Premium Branding

In most industries there will be both value-focused companies and premium-focused companies. Both are reasonable choices. Knowing which you are, is critical for you to effectively manage your brand. Your choice dictates which software you will use, and how you will use it. Branding is incredibly important.

Agreements and Renewals- A Closer Look

Agreements (with their Renewals) are essentially a communication tool. They offer a way to track general information about your arrangement with the customer. At a minimum, they cover the service, price, frequency, and renewal terms. Most importantly, for you, they provide a mechanism for getting your customers to consistently renewal. Look at Agreements, as a promise to your customer of what you will do. In exchange for this promise, and your quality work, they will renew year after year. This blogpost is about how software can help us maintain high renewal rates.

Scripts (Database Design)

What are Scripts? Little invisible programs that automate our navigation, actions and reports. Every button, in software, really is just a trigger for an underlying script! In the big picture, these are the objects that save you time and make you money. Lets try to gain some insight into the world of scripts so as to better grasp this important component of any quality software solution.

Layouts (Database Design)

Recall that a database Table is place where we store one type of data. And that Relationships provide links between records. Lets use our kitchen metaphor again to consider database Layouts. This one is easy! A database Layout is like a separate floor plan drawn around each type of thing you do in the kitchen, such as cooking, serving, or cleaning up, showing the drawers, cupboards, and appliances needed for that task. It shows what you see and what you can do. A Layout gives you access to everything you need in one place. Layouts are where we do our work. And since we do a lot of work, a good database has lots of layouts!