Friends and Neighbor Referrals

Earning good referrals is the best way to grow your business. But what can we do to enhance this type of growth? Your Mother would say, provide excellent service, remember their anniversaries, and always send ‘Thank You’ notes….

Post Cards on Friday

We’ve noticed, over the years, that successful companies are always reaching out to both existing and potential customers, with some message going out every week. And post cards are perhaps the most cost effective way to do this. They are much cheaper than letters, and do not have to be opened! Make them fun and catchy and people will notice, perhaps even talking about them to others.

Creating Effective Quotes

Effective quotes clearly state the What, When and Why of your service. These basics provide the background and focus, while answering their unspoken questions in advance. Then, by having three price tiers you’ve appealed to the highest fraction of customers.

Door Hangers Revisited

For years, Door Hangers, preprinted and kept in service trucks, have been a useful aid in growing a business. Could this old-fashioned trick still work? Does it have value in our internet-driven world?