The Architecture of Glances- A New Paradigm

Icons and Glances are changing software as we know it. Thanks to the Apple Watch, there is a new paradigm shift happening in software today. This revolution is based upon the idea of glances. Software glances could be described as ‘roadsign-like’ icons where needed information is viewed very quickly in, well, a single glance.

Put Your Contact Numbers and Emails in a Portal

Once upon a time, each home would typically have a single landline phone number for their contact. Boy, have those days changed! Now, a family will commonly have a bunch of contacts, particularly when you include cell phones, e-mails, web sites, and tweets. Many of us have work phone, home phone, wife work phone, wife cell, wife email at home, wife email oat work, husband cell, husband cell, husband email at home, husband email at work, children phone, website, etc etc. The list is seeming endless. And this list seems to grows longer with every new tech device. Will we see more ‘Contact Details’ in the future? Bet on it.

Change Logs Can Be Core to Profits

Change Logs are a permanent record of all changes to a given record. They quietly record each edit, along with the previous value (if any), who typed it in, what computer was used, and the time and date of the edit. Change Logs provide a powerful tool for correcting mistakes, and the viewing of historical data.

The Compounding Interest of New Customers

We all want to grow our businesses. And there are only two ways to do this: More volume from existing customers or get new customers. There is no doubt the first way is easiest. They already know that you provide excellent services. But growing your biz with new customers is potentially much better. But also much harder….

Friends and Neighbor Referrals

Earning good referrals is the best way to grow your business. But what can we do to enhance this type of growth? Your Mother would say, provide excellent service, remember their anniversaries, and always send ‘Thank You’ notes….

Post Cards on Friday

We’ve noticed, over the years, that successful companies are always reaching out to both existing and potential customers, with some message going out every week. And post cards are perhaps the most cost effective way to do this. They are much cheaper than letters, and do not have to be opened! Make them fun and catchy and people will notice, perhaps even talking about them to others.