Foreign Countries Supported

PestaRoo supports several foreign countries. In each case, phone number formatting is matched with the local preference. Also, zip or postal codes are provided for that country to drive the city and state lookups. Countries supported include USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Taiwan.

Dashboard for iPhones

The world is moving toward more and more mobility.  PestaRoo provides, at no cost, access to core management details from your iPhone. You can see 1) sales by tech or service type for the last thirty days  2)  daily, monthly, and annual stats  3) Last three deposits,  4) Un-deposited payments  5)  Customer contacts and addresses, views your technicians schedule book, and the time clock. We will continue to add new features to the Dashboard with every update. To use the Dashboard, download the free app ‘FileMaker Go 12’, and then ask us for a ‘one-click icon’ for your iPhone. Having your key data on your phone is an amazingly experience.

Curation via Layers

Most art and historical museums have thousands of other items in their storerooms, not on display. But effective museums carefully select what is to be shown up front. This ‘curation’ is something PestaRoo uses to keep our screens visually clear and easy to use. The less frequently needed items slide to a lower layer.


Most software looks like those public bulletin boards at coffee shops. Packed, overlapping, confusing, and impossible to find what you need. PestaRoo is revolutionary in its use of open white space, limited colors, and subtle gradients to guide and focus your eyes. Say goodbye to eye chatter and fatigue.



Symbology is one of PestaRoo’s key pillars for ease of use. 25 symbolic icons are used consistently everywhere. Home page, Customers, Alerts, Payments, Invoices, Change Logs, Work Orders etc all have their own icons. The consistent use of these symbolic icons leads to much quicker visual recognition than any text labels. This is exactly why stop signs are always red octagons. Symbology. Icons are processed in your mind much faster than words. So, in PestaRoo, you you don’t need as many labels. Which leads to less Eye Chatter….

Reducing the Number of Fields

When developing software, it is tempting to place all options on one screen, “So they can do anything they want”. Even a hundred fields packed onto on one screen. Wow. This causes a huge amount of eye fatigue and can be overwhelming for the user. Unfortunately, much software is written that way. With PestaRoo, we reduce the eye chatter by reducing the number of fields on a layout. We place the fields all the most commonly used fields front and center, and the less often fields a layer deeper.  The deeper layer is accessed by a ‘More…” button. You’ll see this used on Home Page, Invoices, Work Orders, and PreScheds. By this careful curating of fields, we make PestaRoo much easier to use and dramatically reduce the eye chatter for the user.

The Value of 10 Seconds

PestaRoo is very carefully designed to save you 10 seconds in dozens, or even hundreds of places. Here is why… Anything you do a couple dozen times a day, (entering a phone number, or entering products on a Invoice, selecting pests to control, or finding a customer) can amount to a major savings at year end. For example, 300 days a year X 25 uses X 10 seconds equals 21 hours a year! Multiply that times the typical wage and you’ll see that PestaRoo literally saves you more than a hundred dollars a year each place we can save save you 10 seconds…. For this reason, and many others, PestaRoo is the most cost-effective software in our industry.

Unlimited Contacts

A powerful advantage of PestaRoo, is that it supports unlimited contact numbers for a customer. (Or, Staff, Agency, Supplier, etc). The first five always display on Customer Choose Name. But if you have 6 or more, the full set is displayed by clicking on the ‘More” button that lights up when you have more than five. When you have fewer that five, the “More” button shows as “Edit” to give you a single click link into an editing window.

Emails and Websites in Contacts

In addition to phone numbers, you can enter email addresses, and web sites in a customer’s contact numbers. And, both of these perform as hyperlinks when clicked. For example, clicking on an email address will open your default email program and create a new email. Clicking on a Website URL will open your browser to that page. Handy!

Custom Contact Type Values

Most people use the the value list of Contact Types when entering phone numbers and emails. However, PestaRoo allows you to enter custom values anytime you wish. For example, “Marcia’s cell” or “Bill Email”. Entered these custom value can be more useful in many cases. These custom values do not effect the values in you value list.