Contact Types

One of the customizable value lists in PestaRoo is Contact Types. This list is available from Home Page Value Lists and normally includes things like Home Phone, Work Cell, Husband Cell, Family Landline, etc. But the values in this list are fully editable. Put in the values that you are most likely to use. Take out those that you don’t use.  (Taking out a value here has no impact upon data you have already entered. And, if you keep them in alphabetical order, when you enter a new customer, you’ll be able to select each desired contact type by pressing the first couple characters on your keyboard followed by the Enter key.  This is much faster than reaching for the mouse.

Phone Masks

The Phone Mask in PestaRoo automatically reformats an entered phone number into this style: “(XXX) YYY- ZZZZ”. This is a great time saver.  It also turns the entire number red if you enter insufficient digits. This captures errors immediately.  What about phone numbers with extensions? These, too, are covered. An extension is shown with an “x”, followed the extension itself.   Australian users have a separate appropriate phone mask.


PestaRoo stores images in association with 12 different areas of the program. Customers, Locations, Agreements, Staff, Products, Vehicles, Agents and Agencies, Equipments,Inspections, ScanSets, and Suppliers.  For each of these areas, you can store any number of images.  So what are images? Photos, Screen shots, Scans of Letters, Contracts, pdfs, jpegs, or even movies of training videos.  Basically you store almost anything that is digital. Each is accessible by a single click.  Each thing you store can be flagged by type (one of your value lists) and a name. Lastly, this data is available from you laptop at home, without driving into the office.

Staff Data

With PestaRoo, the goal is to make everything easier and more accessible in your office. For Staff, this includes relevant staff data like hire date, family info, and performance review data. It could include various images like copies of any agreements, letters or drivers license. Certification numbers and dates are included, as is the ability to create a repeating alert for the dates for recertification into the future. And each of these pieces of data are available remotely, if you choose, from, for example, your laptop at home if it has a PestaRoo license.

Complex Finds for Customers and Special Offer PostCards

Because of PestaRoo’s structure you can easily find nearly anything quickly. You can find all customers that owe more than $100. Or, find all customers whose name starts with ‘P’, or who have zip code ‘12345’. But complex finds have much power. You could find customers in Zip ‘12345’ who haven’t had an invoice in 12 months, but whose annual average is greater than $75. And with one click you can print a special offer postcard to everyone in the found set.  That is the power  of PestaRoo!

Route Maps

From the Weekly or the Daily Schedule Book, you can view a map for all the Work Orders for a technician for a single date. Viewing this map is great way to make your trips fuel efficient.

Zip Code Functions

The full set of US and Australian zip (postal) codes is built into PestaRoo to save you time when putting in new customers. Type in the zip, and the City, State, and County flow in instantly. And, from value lists, you can edit the list for those cases where two or more cities share the same zip code. This also allows you to add/delete a zip or city. And you can change the default value of city to match your preference.

Monthly Stats

No, not complex statistics, but easy to read numbers that quickly describe your business. Four ‘top-ten’ list showing counts and dollars: Technicians, Cities, Services, and Activity. These lists are a great way to get a grasp of your trends and where you might choose to focus more. YTD sales and counts for this year are also shown. And since all stats are pre-compiled in the background, your view into these metrics is immediate.  Click from month to month to view your progress. The results appear instantaneously!

Agreement Renewals Warning

PestaRoo tracks all of your Agreements, even if you have thousands, and auto generates up to 3 reminder letters to insure that they renew.  This is one of PestaRoo’s most loved features.  But what about those Agreements that still reach their Stop Date without renewing? PestaRoo flags those Agreements with a daily Warning, allowing you to easily find those Agreements needing direct focus. As always, the new warnings appear on Home Page in the Live Stat section.

Creating New Records

In any database we need to create new records.  For example, in Customers or Staff or Invoices. In PestaRoo we do do this with a “+” button prominently located in the button bar. But beyond this single function, the Create Record, “+” button also lets you create associated records instantly in related tables like a Work Order for the current Customer or a Payment for a Customer. This quickly becomes intuitive and time saving.