Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance Records

By nature of the business, you have a lot of equipment and/or vehicles to take care of. PestaRoo provides a great place to keep serial numbers, mileage logs, maintenance records, and even product manuals (as pdfs).

Quick Quotes

Putting together quick quotes are a critical part of growing your business.  For example: We need to be able to quickly put together a quote for a customer. Send it by email. Or, print it. Save a permanent copy for future reference. Keep it (and others) connected to their customer. Immediately create an Alert to remind you when it is time to followup. Yes, PestaRoo does all of these things with Quotes!

Managing UnScheduled WOs

Lots of times we need to set up a Work Order for a future ‘Approximate Date’, like 3 months from now. But we don’t want to assign the ‘Actual Date’ until the service time gets a little closer.  PestaRoo tracks both Actual dates AND Approximate dates for this reason.  A Live Stat button on Home Page gives you the count of all ‘Approximate’ dates in the next thirty days. These are called UnScheduled WOs, and a single click allows you to view these up and coming WOs. And, the printer icon allows you to print these as a call sheet.

Viewing History from Many Areas

Which history do you want to view? PestaRoo offer many ways to look at history,  You can view all the invoices for a location or a customer, or even a technician. In monthly stats you can view the invoices and totals for a any city, service, or technician for any month or year!  This is a great way to follow your trends.

Finding All Customers Without a Certain Service

When looking for new business it helps to be able to find all your customers that haven’t used a certain service. Perhaps you are expanding your Termite Control Bait system. You need to find all those customer that don’t have Termite Baiting. From the Customer Stats layout, this is easy in PestaRoo. You can aven restrict your found records to those customers over a certain annual average volume or in a specific town. PestaRoo is the only Pest Control Software product that can search by what a customer doesn’t use!  And this can be highly valuable!

Jump To Triangles

Throughout PestaRoo, we have ‘Jump To’ triangles that let you quickly navigate to related content. For example, from a Customer, you might want to jump to their primary location.  From an Invoice, you might want to go to the technician that did the work.  From a Location you might want to jump an invoice where work was billed at that Location. PestaRoo has hundreds of ‘Jump To’ triangles to make the software ever easier to use!

Canadian GST Support

We support Canadian GST taxation and Canadian Postal Codes!  Set your GST rate from Home Page Prefs.


The single word that describes PestaRoo’s appearance best is “Clarity’. We know you have hundred of things to do everyday, so we want your time in PestaRoo to be visually pleasant, visually quiet, and easy to follow. Clarity.  Look closely at Home Page or Customer Info.  You will see Clarity.  Clarity is the single largest component of simplicity.

Plain Carbonless Paper

Many software companies make much of their money by requiring you to buy their preprinted forms. PestaRoo, on the other hand, built the most critical forms into to the software so that you can print directly onto blank ‘NCR’  (Carbonless) paper.  This saves you about 8¢ per work order that you print. The typical pest control company saves several hundred dollars per year. Do the math. You’ll find PestaRoo the most cost effective product available.

Sales Tax Jurisdictions

Sales Tax collection and reporting is necessary chore. PestaRoo makes it less painful with jurisdictions by location, one click reports for the state, and Warnings if you try to post an invoice with a location that is missing its jurisdiction. Nice.