Three Ways to Save Time

You have  hundreds of things to do every day, so PestaRoo is designed to speed your work as much as possible. Three examples:  1) When entering new customers,  you enter the zip code, and the City and State instantly flow in.  (Yes, you can edit the zip code table.)  2) When adding the products that were used on an invoice, merely type the first 2 or 3 characters of the name and PestaRoo brings in the full name, units, and EPA number… instantly. So fast.  3) To save your techs time in the field, printed WOs automatically show the most likely products they’ll use on the WO, based on service type! And, yes, you can refine these choices.


Throughout PestaRoo, we have safeguards to help you. Two examples: 1)  If you type in a phone number, PestaRoo quickly turns the number to red if you skip or add an extra digit.  Great way to catch errors! Correct the number… and it instantly reverts to black type.  2) If a customer has an existing credit, and you post an invoice, PestaRoo  will create a warning to let you know that you might want to use that credit. PestaRoo has dozens of other safeguards helping to keep your data clean.

Multiple Locations for a Customer

PestaRoo allows for tracking of multiple Locations for a Customer. So many software package for our industry don’t support multiple locations for a single customer.  PestaRoo does, and makes it easy to select among them. You can designate the customers preferred location (usually their home), and create either Work Orders, or PreScheds with a single click. This portal of locations appears at the lower left of Customer Info.

Dedicated Admin screens

Dedicated Admin screens allow a Manager to have special levels of access to the data behind the scenes. Very handy for changing the customer’s posted payment  from, say,  ‘John Doe’ to his son ‘Johnny Doe’. The Admin screen has a couple dozen buttons allowing you to view company stats, and do special editing. Admin screens are available in Manager’s Access. Financial reports and TimeClock editing are also found in the Manager’s Access area.

Context Sensitive Print Button

In PestaRoo there is a print button at the right edge of every button bar. These buttons are context sensitive.   The print options automatically changes depending upon where you are in the program. So the print options for Customers would be much different than the print options for WO’s. Making a print button context sensitive is a feature that really enhances PestaRoo’s ease of use.

Welcome Letters

How do you remember to say ‘Thank You’, after you get a new customer? With PestaRoo, of course! By default PestaRoo automatically prints a ‘Thank You’ letter the next morning after a customer pays their first invoice. As we have all learned, saying ‘Thank You’ is one of the most important thing to do in business. With PestaRoo, the printing is automatic so you won’t forget. And you can edit PestaRoo’s standard letter to best meet your desired message. Edit your “New Customer Welcome Letter” at Home Page >> Preferences >> Form Letter Tab. You can turn this function on or off at Home Page Preferences. You can also go into the Service Type value list and select which services are to generate the Welcome Letters.

Images for Staff

You can store any image or graphic or scan for Customers, Locations, WO’s, PreScheds, Agreements, Suppliers, and Staff.  For staff examples, consider storing drivers licenses, photos, letters, applicator certificates and licenses, and copies of any business credit cards they carry.

Product Usage by Location County

Some states require county-by-county product usage reports. PestaRoo supports county-based reporting of products used. Although not currently required in all states, it is likely to be more widespread in the near future.  From the Location Info screen you can set the county. The ‘Print Usage by County’ button is on the Date Range tab of Report Options. Using the Zip code data, PestaRoo automatically sets the location county for you, for any new Location, to save you time!

Support of Credits

PestaRoo supports Credits.  Credits can be generated for advance payment of services, or for helping resolve an unhappy customer’s concerns. Regardless for what lead to the creation of a credit, they can be used as part of any payment toward any open invoices. And available credits show up in red on Customer Choose Name. Some of our customers offer discounts up front when a customer pays for summertime services in January or February. This early pre-payment help manage cash flow during the very slow winter months. PestaRoo’s Credit system makes this easy to manage.

Like a Fine Workroom

PestaRoo is like a fine workshop or workroom. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Carefully organized so you can easily reach everything you need. And designed to support your tasks to make things easy!