Throughout PestaRoo, we have safeguards to help you. Two examples: 1)  If you type in a phone number, PestaRoo quickly turns the number to red if you skip or add an extra digit.  Great way to catch errors! Correct the number… and it instantly reverts to black type.  2) If a customer has an existing credit, …

Images for Staff

You can store any image or graphic or scan for Customers, Locations, WO’s, PreScheds, Agreements, Suppliers, and Staff.  For staff examples, consider storing drivers licenses, photos, letters, applicator certificates and licenses, and copies of any business credit cards they carry.

Like a Fine Workroom

PestaRoo is like a fine workshop or workroom. A place for everything, and everything in its place. Carefully organized so you can easily reach everything you need. And designed to support your tasks to make things easy!