PestaRoo Uses Gradients

PestaRoo uses gradients in many places to help focus your eyes on the most important things. For example, on Customer Info, your eyes gravitate to the the customer’s name because of the gradients. This makes the software easier to use and less fatiguing.

Key Groups in Button Bars

The Button Bar on every layout includes the 2 key groups: The ‘Choose’ buttons (Customer, Locations, WO’s and Invoices) and the ‘View’ buttons (Info, Choose, List) buttons. Having these two clusters, (with others like Home, Schedule book, and Print) give you excellent one click navigation. This navigation system, refined over  years, gives PestaRoo users a powerful …

Button Bars

Predictive Navigation buttons have always been important and well-loved in our software. Now in PestaRoo they are even better, by being grouped in one place at the top of the screen. They are always there and always available with no scrolling.