The Critical Value of Software

In every industry, computers and their software start by only supplanting the same work and activities we did by hand. Creating work orders, billing, AR, sending statements etc. Merely doing the same work (even though faster) leads to only modest gains in productivity. But even these modest gains can easily pay for that software. PestaRoo’s short-term and long-term costs are demonstrably much less than the savings it immediately provides. PestaRoo’s greatest value, however, lies in its ability to do things you never could do before, but now can.  For example, PestaRoo’s customer stat functions allow you to promote and market your services in much more effective ways. The future of software is in meeting needs that we didn’t know we had, and helping you to outcompete your competitors. The companies with the best software will have a large advantage. PestaRoo is designed to be easy to use today, with data mining advantages you will only discover later. Look closely at Customer Stats and then Monthly Stat from within Manager’s Access.

Weekly Schedule Book

The  Schedule Book has two faces, Weekly and Daily. Being able to view either your daily view or a full week at a time makes balancing your work load much easier.

PestaRoo Uses Gradients

PestaRoo uses gradients in many places to help focus your eyes on the most important things. For example, on Customer Info, your eyes gravitate to the the customer’s name because of the gradients. This makes the software easier to use and less fatiguing.

Simplicity is the Target

We work constantly to make PestaRoo the simplest pest control software program to use. Making something simple is incredibly difficult, but it is worth the effort.  As you explore PestaRoo, you will see that we have made great progress toward the goal of simplicity.  No other software developer in our industry even comes close.  Enjoy our work!

Key Groups in Button Bars

The Button Bar on every layout includes the 2 key groups: The ‘Choose’ buttons (Customer, Locations, WO’s and Invoices) and the ‘View’ buttons (Info, Choose, List) buttons. Having these two clusters, (with others like Home, Schedule book, and Print) give you excellent one click navigation. This navigation system, refined over  years, gives PestaRoo users a powerful advantage over all other software for pest control companies. You’ll love it!

Button Bars

Predictive Navigation buttons have always been important and well-loved in our software. Now in PestaRoo they are even better, by being grouped in one place at the top of the screen. They are always there and always available with no scrolling.

Everything in its Place

People frequently ask  “What is it that makes PestaRoo so easy to use?”. Of course, many things contribute to this: liberal use of white space ; clean graphics ; a focus on the most important essential tasks instead of a million options. But perhaps the most important reason of all is the Organization of the Data and the Layouts are like a beautiful, neat, well-organized workshop… every tool in its place, and plenty open space just waiting for you and your projects. Such a workshop just invites you in to work and get things done. PestaRoo is like a clean neat well organized workshop.

Promotional Postcards and Emails

Across every screen, PestaRoo is designed to make it easy to ‘mine ‘ your data. For example, you can easily find every customer who has had trouble with fleas or rodents; or, every customer on one of three streets in a certain town; or every customer without a service agreement who spent more than $75 last year. There is almost  no limit to the ways you reach into your data with PestaRoo.  And it is so fast as to almost be instantaneous. Once you have found to records you want, PestaRoo allows you to print postcards or send emails with one click! This ease of use is one reason PestaRoo companies grow faster than their competitors. PestaRoo is designed from the ground up, to make it easy to reach back out to your customers! No other program even compares.

Navigational Techniques

Carefully designed software provides  multiple ways to accomplish the same techniques. For example, with PestaRoo there are five different ways to navigate to your next task:  1) The button bar on every screen has buttons designed just for one-click navigation to the most common areas.  2) Also in the button bar are back and ‘forward’ buttons to let you navigate to previously visited screens. 3) A drop-down layout list of the 40 or so most common destination layouts is available for one-click navigation. And each of these, for example ‘Customer Info’, takes you to the last record used in that context!  4) Abundant ‘Jump-To’ blue triangles take you to a related record in a single step. So, from a Work Order you could jump directly to its customer or location with one click. 5)  And from every screen, you can always go to Home Page with one click and then follow those buttons to anywhere. PestaRoo’s visual interface for navigation is unmatched in the industry.

Import and Exports

Many programs on the market limit your ability to import or export data.  PestaRoo does not.  You have an unlimited ability to import or export any or all of your data at any time.  For example, you can purchase a simple list of the households in your county and import them directly into to PestaRoo for your marketing efforts. Or, if you want to export all you customers (for a mail merge) of a certain type or from a certain town, you can!