Change Logs

Ever edited the wrong record? Changing, perhaps, a name or address, only to discover you changed the wrong record? PestaRoo includes a ‘Change Log’ on all major screens that tracks any changes to the records. The change log includes the previous value, the new value, who changed it, and when. PestaRoo’s ‘Change Log’ is wonderful for correcting errors!

Repeat Scheduling

With PestaRoo you can set up a PreSched record that automatically generates a new Work Order (a ticket) at any interval. The interval can be any number of weeks or any number of months. Each morning when PestaRoo launches, it checks to see if it is time for any of the PreScheds to trigger. It includes the ability to determine how far into the futures you want them to trigger, and even to control exactly when and what time of days you want the WO to be set as.

Unlimited Locations

Most customers have a single location where they live and also use as their ‘Bill To’ address. But what about those people with several rental houses? Or, companies or schools with 20 branches or buildings? PestaRoo covers this easily by supporting an unlimited number of locations per customer. From the Customer Info screen or Customer Data Entry, you can view the associated Locations in the portal to the lower left. From this portal you can create new WOs or new PreScheds with a single click!

Customer Stats for Marketing

Customer Stats continue to be one of the most popular marketing tools in PestaRoo. For every customer you have aggregated data on the average annual volume, lifetime sales, sales per service, count of service used, count of invoices, ranking information on each service, date of first service, and days since last service.  What makes this absolutely amazing, is that these values are fully indexed so you can search on any combination of these values to find the customers that you want to target.  Then with a single click on Print or Export you have mailing labels, form letters, postcards, or exported addresses! This is an amazingly effective means to grow your business.

Statement Options

Printing statements to manage your accounts receivables is a fact of life for most businesses. PestaRoo makes this process a lot easier. First, you can print or email any single statement from the Customer’s Choose Name screen. Quick and easy. Next, you can print All Statements with one click, from Select Reports. And this includes the ability to send statements as Emails, saving paper and postage. Also, from here you can choose to print half the statements one day, and the second half another day to reduce your envelope stuff and postage work on a single day! The new function here is that the A-M group and the N-Z can be on separate days, or even a couple weeks apart. When printing statements as a group, you also get the option of designating what report summaries print after the last statement.  (You set these report from Home page Preferences.) Another option in Preferences is to select how many ‘days out’ an invoice should wait before appearing on a statement. This is handy, because it allows your customer time to pay recent invoices before we send them a statement.

Daily YTD Stats

Daily Stats are supported by PestaRoo.  This allows you view YTD data for any  date, showing the top ten ranked services by dollar and count. For that date, you also see the numbers for the previous two years for comparison. Yes, you can print these summaries, or just view them.  And, you can view stats from your legacy data for all previous years!  We have Daily, Monthly, Yearly, and Customer Stats all dynamically running with nothing to configure.

Admin Access Logging

PestaRoo has two restricted areas, Managers and Producers, that allow a higher level of access for modifying and deleting records. For example, you would go to Managers Access when you need to change a posted payment or invoice, or to view confidential sales data. These two special areas are protected by passwords.  PestaRoo permanently logs every attempt (successful or not) into these restricted areas. Should your ‘Manager’ or ‘Producer’ password be compromised, you will know the who, when, and where that access was breached. You will also know of every attempt to gain access into the restricted areas.

Rapid Returns to Previous Office Work

We all get interrupted by phone calls, forcing us to stop what we are doing to attend to a customer need. Afterwards, we have to try to return to whatever we were doing before the phone rang. But, what were we doing? PestaRoo has several neat features that help you quickly get back to whatever you were doing when interrupted. Here is one of those techniques: At the upper left of almost every screen is a drop-down list of the major layouts in PestaRoo. So, if you were working on a Payment, select ‘Payment Data Entry’, and PestaRoo will instantly take back to the exact last payment you were working on! Or if you were posting invoices, select ‘Invoice Info’ from the list to return to the last set of invoices you were working on. For every area of work in the software, PestaRoo keeps track of your last found set AND the exact record you were working on!

Managing Property Transfers

People moving to new homes happens a lot. In PestaRoo, properties where we apply treatments are called Locations. Each Location has exactly one Customer who owns  (or is responsible for) it. Each Customer, on the other hand, may have more than one Location. So, what do you do when a house is sold to a new person? Easy! In PestaRoo you merely go to the Location and change the Customer!  It is that fast and easy,  And all the treatment history, stats, and invoices for that location stays intact, no matter how many ownership changes happen.

Quick Help

‘Quick Help’ is context sensitive support available by clicking on the small blue question marks on the various screens. These have proven to be very helpful. Many ‘Quick Help’ buttons appear throughout PestaRoo.