PreScheds Make Your Work Easier

Every successful pest control business needs and uses PreScheds. PreScheds are used by PestaRoo to automatically create Work Orders on a regular schedule. And with PestaRoo, they are amazingly powerful but with a graceful ease of set-up. From the Location portal on Customer Data Entry, you can literally create a PreSched with a single click! Select the service and an interval and it is live and running.  Just like that! PestaRoo supports intervals of any number or weeks OR months. For power and amazing flexibility, PestaRoo allows you to set or modify over 50 different aspects of the work orders it creates, ranging from scheduling and timing, to actually skipping the WO and just directly creating an invoice.

Equipment Tracking

Pest Control companies usually have multiple pieces of Equipment to keep track of. For example, drills, sprayers, pumps and others represent a substantial investment. PestaRoo makes it easy to keep all the pertinent info in one place. And this includes all repairs and maintenance for each equipment.This Equipment system is parallel to that track used for Vehicles, which is also very powerful but easy. Vehicles and Equipment now each have have their own tables, allowing an unlimited number of records. From each you can view any existing record or create a new one. And from this Vehicle or Equipment record you can track the maintenance, or even create Alerts or Repeating Alerts to remind you of any needed scheduled maintenance or supplies needed to order before a upcoming big job.

Images and Documents Inside PestaRoo

PestaRoo supports Documents or Image storage, allowing you to keep various documents right inside your own copy of PestaRoo. This is an amazingly powerful function is unmatched in the industry. These Images are stored and accessed from ten different area such as Location, Customer, Staff, Agreements, Inspections etc.  What will you use them for?  Here are a few quick examples: pdfs of Agreements, Staff Driver’s Licenses, MSDS sheets for products, Maps of trap placement, Photos of preexisting Insect damage, and scans of hand written letters from customers. The list is potentially endless. And remember, these images are stored inside PestaRoo, so they are always available from any copy of PestaRoo. So, if you remotely connect from home, or a remote office, or out even of state, they are all there, as if you were in your own office.

QuickBooks Reports

PestaRoo has three reports specifically designed to make it easy to work with QuickBooks.  These date range reports, ‘Payment Summary’, ‘Invoice Summary’, and ‘Credit and Refund Summary’ make it so easy to maintain your QB financials, while letting you use the incredible flexibility of PestaRoo to manage everything else.

‘Warnings’ Live Stat

Live Stats, from Home Page, give a quick snapshot of several critical parameters regarding your business.  ‘Warnings’ is in this set of special buttons. ‘Warnings’ gives you one-click access to data errors and incomplete processes that need to be addressed. Examples include, UnPosted Payments, Products missing Work Order units, and Locations without cities. ‘Warnings monitor about 10 functions. Each ‘Warning’ reports an oversight, missed data, inconsistency, or mistake. The goal here is to catch potential problems early and correct them.  These dynamic warnings enhance PestaRoo’s performance.

Monthly Stat Activities

PestaRoo’s Monthly Stat system is unmatched in the industry and are accessed from ‘Mangers Access’. For any month you can view your sales by City, Technician, or Service.  Since each of these are ranked, you can review your progress in a glance. And because of the way PestaRoo processes the statistics, your numbers are instantly viewable, with NO processing delays. You can scroll through all the months of a year as fast as you want, reviewing the data you want. A fourth section of Monthly Stat Data, “Activity” is slightly different.  Activities lets you view the number of current Agreements, Customers, Locations, and PreScheds on the first day of that month. Next, it shows the number of new Customers and Agreements for the month. Lastly shown is the number of Canceled Agreements.  Each of these is a valuable metric for gauging your business.

Transferring Agreements

Getting and keeping Agreements is a very important part of your business. PestaRoo’s Agreement and Renewal system has been designed to maximize your Agreement count. But what do you do when a house sells that has one of your agreements attached to it? PestaRoo makes it easy to Transfer the Agreement to the new owner. The transfer process creates an entirely new Agreement, leaving the old Agreement intact but ‘Taken out of service’. The new Agreement inherits all the basic data from the old Agreement. The Transfer is complete in seconds, and allows you to navigate back and forth between the two records with single clicks.

Expanded Alerts

Alerts have proven to be one of PestaRoo’s most-loved features. From nearly any screen in PestaRoo, you can create an Alert for a customer with one click. Each Alert has a date due along with its text. So, when any Alert is due, the button on Home Page ‘lights up’ with your Alert Count due. Alerts can be created for any record in Agencies, Agents, Customers, Equipment, Staff, Suppliers, or Vehicles. Very nice. And a great way to enhance the quality of your customer service.

Macintosh and Windows

From the beginning, PestaRoo has been completely cross platform, running and working exactly the same on both Macs and PCs.  You should know that PestaRoo is the only major pest control software package that runs natively on both platforms. PestaRoo also supports mixed offices, with both Mac and Windows computers fully supported. And either platform may serve as host for the other.

Transferring Your Customers From Another Program

If you are ready to switch to PestaRoo from another program, we are ready to help you!  We help people every week switch.  We are committed to helping you get through the process with as little pain as possible. And we will work into the evenings and weekends to ensure your success! You won’t find any other pest control software companies willing to provide this level of support. Our intent is to make sure you don’t lose a single day of business. If you can use your existing program to create an Excel style export of your customers (or any of 5 other formats), we can easily move this data into PestaRoo for you. The normal charge for this service is $200. When complete, we will send you your copy of PestaRoo with your data already installed. You’ll love it! We need you to start using PestaRoo so you can start accruing the incredible benefits that PestaRoo offers.