Payment Summaries by Date Range

PestaRoo has four Payment Summary Reports: by 1)  Service Type, 2)  Accounting Category, 3)  Customer’, or  4)  Source. These four date range reports provide very effective disaggregation of your data. Select any interval you choose and you’ll be able to provide your accountant with easy to access data.

‘Warnings’ Live Stat

Live Stats, from Home Page, give a quick snapshot of several critical parameters regarding your business.  ‘Warnings’ is in this set of special buttons. ‘Warnings’ gives you one-click access to data errors and incomplete processes that need to be addressed. Examples include, UnPosted Payments, Products missing Work Order units, and Locations without cities. ‘Warnings monitor …

Repeating Alerts

Repeating Alerts are available for reminding you of those events that happen on a schedule. Alerts and Repeating Alerts are both supported in eight areas, including:  Customers, Agencies, Staff, and Vehicles.  This is valuable for any growing company.