Phone Masks

The Phone Mask in PestaRoo automatically reformats an entered phone number into this style: “(XXX) YYY- ZZZZ”. This is a great time saver.  It also turns the entire number red if you enter insufficient digits. This captures errors immediately.  What about phone numbers with extensions? These, too, are covered. An extension is shown with an “x”, …

Preferred Flag

Since PestaRoo supports an unlimited number of Contact Numbers and Locations, Both of these customer fields have a ‘preferred flag’. Records so marked move to the top of the contact number (or location) portal, and into the first position on the technicians route sheet. You may select several numbers as preferred.

Route Maps

From the Weekly or the Daily Schedule Book, you can view a map for all the Work Orders for a technician for a single date. Viewing this map is great way to make your trips fuel efficient.

YTD Stats

When trying to measure our progress toward our goals, it helps to looks at the same day a year or even two years ago. PestaRoo provides this YTD progress as a snapshot, and shows you your top ten services and their dollars. Not only that, but PestaRoo also shows the same data for both one year …