Images for Staff

You can store any image or graphic or scan for Customers, Locations, WO’s, PreScheds, Agreements, Suppliers, and Staff.  For staff examples, consider storing drivers licenses, photos, letters, applicator certificates and licenses, and copies of any business credit cards they carry.

Working With Suppliers

PestaRoo makes it easy to match your suppliers with the products you choose. Each product allows you to pick your two preferred suppliers for each product. This feature in PestaRoo makes it easy to quickly reorder your necessary products. From your chosen suppliers a quick link leads you to your suppliers website.

Using the Status Field for Prospects

The field ‘customer status’, in PestaRoo normally is used to track ‘Current’, ‘Slow Pay’, ‘Moved Away’ and ‘Deceased’ customers. But it is surprisingly effective for tracking Prospects also. ‘Status’ is at the lower right of any customer record on the Choose Name layout. By adding some special values, like ‘need to call’, ‘warm’, ‘cold’, and …