Editing or Deleting Write Offs

Write Offs are used in business for removing invoices from the books that, for whatever reason, are no longer collectable. Write Offs can be partial, or for the entire invoice. A  layout in Mangers Access, allows you to edit or delete those Write Offs. This same layout can be used for importing or exporting.

Tenant Info

Tenant Info from a location, has its own area. From any location that may include one or more tenants, there is a button to open a new window where you can enter LOTS of tenant information!

Dynamic Labels

One critical key to making software easy to use is providing visual feedback to the user without their having to click anywhere. PestaRoo uses Dynamic Labels on every layout. Dynamic Labels show what is ‘inside’ a Tab, Portal, Button, related data Portal, or a New Window, BEFORE you click on it. And PestaRoo uses a …