Quick Help

‘Quick Help’ is context sensitive support available by clicking on the small blue question marks on the various screens. These have proven to be very helpful. Many ‘Quick Help’ buttons appear throughout PestaRoo.

Deposit Functions

Tracking the payments that need to be deposited has always been one of the key functions in PestaRoo. Deposits are sorted by the payment’s ‘How Pay’.  ‘How Pays’ of ‘Direct Deposit’, ‘Other’, and  ‘Credit Card’, are supported in addition to the basic ‘Cash’ and ‘Check’.   Reprinting of any single deposit is easy and a single click. From …


Refunds are supported in PestaRoo. Refunds are created from Invoice Info, on the ‘More…” screen. A corresponding report allows you view and edit these values.

Print Monthly and Yearly Stats

PestaRoo’s Monthly and Yearly Stats (from Manager’s Access) have been critical for the management of growing companies for years. They allow you to view your monthly and yearly data broke out by Technician, Service Type, and City. These screens are fully ranked. You can also print these reports from the Button Bar.

Precluding Duplicate Products on Work Orders

We have always supported dynamically calculated product lists for the Work Orders. So, the Service Type determines what products should print. But since we are all frequently asked to do more than the planned service, PestaRoo ‘fills-in’ the available slots from a general list of products. A special routine inside PestaRoo ensures that duplicates don’t appear …