Have you discovered ‘Customer History’? PestaRoo maintains a dynamic, indexed view of all of your Customers, and it is powerful! From ‘Customer Info’, click on ‘History’ in the lower part of the screen. On the ‘Customer History’ layout, you can see the date of their first service, their last service, how many times you have been there, the types of services have utilized, and how many years they have been a Customer. Notice that you can also view the lifetime total of all their invoices and their average annual spending!

Here is another amazing trick that comes from ‘Customer History’ — On this screen, you can search for everyone that has used a specific service. For example, Ant Control. This can be a powerful tool for follow-up marketing when you have a new product. 

Spend time analyzing the data on ‘Customer History’. It is a remarkably powerful tool that can give you great insight into your Customers and, since it is fully indexed, it is extremely fast for searching and reporting.