One critical key to making software easy to use is providing visual feedback to the user without their having to click anywhere. PestaRoo uses Dynamic Labels on every layout. Dynamic Labels show what is ‘inside’ a Tab, Portal, Button, related data Portal, or a New Window, BEFORE you click on it. And PestaRoo uses a single visual standard for all uses on every layout. This is one of the key ways that makes PestaRoo easier to use than any other pest control software system. This ease of use is delivered by dynamic buttons that deliver visual clarity. For example, consider the Icon for payments: If the customer has no payments, the icon will show ‘Payments’ in light gray. If the customer has one or more payments, the word ‘Payments’ will be in black with the payment count in red. Without cluttering the screen, PestaRoo provides real information wherever you are.  And this makes PestaRoo very visually pleasant to use.