One of PestaRoo’s most powerful features, ‘PreScheds’, just got better! From the earliest versions of PestaRoo, we have provided a full log of all WOs that each record PreSched created.  We have now enhanced this log to show which WO’s were created by using the ‘Single Trigger’ button. This ‘Single Trigger’ button is popularly used when setting up a new PreSched where the customer wants service immediately, and doesn’t want to wait for the next ‘Trigger’ cycle. WO’s created via this button now are flagged with an asterisk (*) in the log.  This allows you to quickly review any newly created PreSched and know immediately where in it cycle it is.  Nice!  Also we have added a field showing the last trigger date. These two changes further enhance an already powerful function in PestaRoo, while not making it harder to use. Call us if you’d like an update so you can start enjoying this new feature.