Carefully designed software provides  multiple ways to accomplish the same techniques. For example, with PestaRoo there are five different ways to navigate to your next task:  1) The button bar on every screen has buttons designed just for one-click navigation to the most common areas.  2) Also in the button bar are back and ‘forward’ buttons to let you navigate to previously visited screens. 3) A drop-down layout list of the 40 or so most common destination layouts is available for one-click navigation. And each of these, for example ‘Customer Info’, takes you to the last record used in that context!  4) Abundant ‘Jump-To’ blue triangles take you to a related record in a single step. So, from a Work Order you could jump directly to its customer or location with one click. 5)  And from every screen, you can always go to Home Page with one click and then follow those buttons to anywhere. PestaRoo’s visual interface for navigation is unmatched in the industry.