PestaRoo’s Monthly Stat system is unmatched in the industry and are accessed from ‘Mangers Access’. For any month you can view your sales by City, Technician, or Service.  Since each of these are ranked, you can review your progress in a glance. And because of the way PestaRoo processes the statistics, your numbers are instantly viewable, with NO processing delays. You can scroll through all the months of a year as fast as you want, reviewing the data you want. A fourth section of Monthly Stat Data, “Activity” is slightly different.  Activities lets you view the number of current Agreements, Customers, Locations, and PreScheds on the first day of that month. Next, it shows the number of new Customers and Agreements for the month. Lastly shown is the number of Canceled Agreements.  Each of these is a valuable metric for gauging your business.