Are you running PestaRoo on a Mac? If so, here is a critical tip for performance. This Tip ONLY applies to the computer that is your PestaRoo host. Any other connected users in the office need not be concerned.

If you are using Apple’s iCloud Drive for your Desktop and Documents, it is critical that PestaRoo NOT be run from within that iCloud Drive. If you are using iCloud Drive for Desktop and Documents, you will need to move your PestaRoo folder from its normal location (in Documents), to your Applications folder. After you move it, you will need to create a new Alias for easy launching.

To determine if you are using iCloud Drive, go to System Preferences under the Apple menu. Next, click iCloud to view your iCloud Preferences. If the iCloud Drive checkbox is empty. You have nothing to worry about. This note does not apply to you. But, if it is checked, you will need to click on ‘Options’ to view another level of options. On this screen, you are interested in the first checkbox, labeled ‘Desktop and Documents Folders’. If this is unchecked, you do not need to do anything. But if it is checked, it is critical that you immediately move your PestaRoo folder from ‘Documents’ into the ‘Application’ folder.

When PestaRoo is run from an iCloud Drive folder, its performance may dramatically slow. And if you have slow internet access, then PestaRoo will be extremely slow.

Should you need help making this move, drop us an email at We will be happy to help you!