The best new customer you can possibly get is one next door to an existing customer you already have. Think about it…almost no additional fuel cost or windshield time.  This is what smart growth is. You should always try to find new customers in the same neighborhood where you’re currently having work. Then be sure to schedule the work in one area on the same week of the month most of the time. The goal is to have no increase in your miles but, to markedly increase your dollar volume per day. Most technicians would be thrilled if all of their stops were clusters instead of single scattered services. And that’s what is behind ‘smart growth’.

There are several easy ways to use PestaRoo to achieve this smart growth. One is to include a flyer with every work order in those areas where you want to grow by offering their neighbor $20 off and with a $10 coupon for themselves when a neighbor uses their discount.  Hand out to those with every service in those areas where you want to grow. 

Similarly you can use the old fashion technique of door hangers,  and every time your technician has a service call he or she puts a door hanger on adjacent homes. If you don’t have a stack of door hangers in every truck, get some printed now. 

But where PestaRoo really shines is when you get a blind call requesting service. If you are using Hot Links, you’ll probably already have a Hot Link for that area. (If you are not using Hot Links, start now!) Recall that a Hot Link in PestaRoo is city or region where you have multiple customers in close proximity. So, after adding their customer record and WO, you’ll immediately go to the Schedule Book a click on the Hot Link for their area. PestaRoo then shows you every time you are already scheduled to be in that area! Plus, it shows the work load for that tech. So pick your day and immediately verify with your new customer that, for example, “Will 3:00 be OK?” You can then add the new WO to the Hot Link page of Schedule Book. If your technician is also successful in convincing the customer to receive ongoing scheduled treatment, you will go into the PreSched system to find other treatments in the same area and add your new customer’s service to that neighborhood cluster! 

Smart Growth means more dollar volume, with fewer miles driven and less wasted windshield time.