We all get interrupted by phone calls, forcing us to stop what we are doing to attend to a customer need. Afterwards, we have to try to return to whatever we were doing before the phone rang. But, what were we doing? PestaRoo has several neat features that help you quickly get back to whatever you were doing when interrupted. Here is one of those techniques: At the upper left of almost every screen is a drop-down list of the major layouts in PestaRoo. So, if you were working on a Payment, select ‘Payment Data Entry’, and PestaRoo will instantly take back to the exact last payment you were working on! Or if you were posting invoices, select ‘Invoice Info’ from the list to return to the last set of invoices you were working on. For every area of work in the software, PestaRoo keeps track of your last found set AND the exact record you were working on!