In every industry, computers and their software start by only supplanting the same work and activities we did by hand. Creating work orders, billing, AR, sending statements etc. Merely doing the same work (even though faster) leads to only modest gains in productivity. But even these modest gains can easily pay for that software. PestaRoo’s short-term and long-term costs are demonstrably much less than the savings it immediately provides. PestaRoo’s greatest value, however, lies in its ability to do things you never could do before, but now can. ¬†For example,¬†PestaRoo’s customer stat functions allow you to promote and market your services in much more effective ways. The future of software is in meeting needs that we didn’t know we had, and helping you to outcompete your competitors. The companies with the best software will have a large advantage. PestaRoo is designed to be easy to use today, with data mining advantages you will only discover later. Look closely at Customer Stats and then Monthly Stat from within Manager’s Access.