Printing statements to manage your accounts receivables is a fact of life for most businesses. PestaRoo makes this process a lot easier. First, you can print or email any single statement from the Customer’s Choose Name screen. Quick and easy. Next, you can print All Statements with one click, from Select Reports. And this includes the ability to send statements as Emails, saving paper and postage. Also, from here you can choose to print half the statements one day, and the second half another day to reduce your envelope stuff and postage work on a single day! The new function here is that the A-M group and the N-Z can be on separate days, or even a couple weeks apart. When printing statements as a group, you also get the option of designating what report summaries print after the last statement.  (You set these report from Home page Preferences.) Another option in Preferences is to select how many ‘days out’ an invoice should wait before appearing on a statement. This is handy, because it allows your customer time to pay recent invoices before we send them a statement.