Targeted mailings can be used very effectively to increase your sales. The trick to succeeding, is to be very targeted and do a set every month. Software can be great help doing this.

Most well designed software will easily allow you to take a found set of invoices and navigate to the customers for those invoices. Then, export their mailing address as an Excel spreadsheet for your printer or print 5160 labels yourself. Check your pest control software. It should let you do this. Programs like PestaRoo have earned their reputation by their ease of exporting and printing data-mined lists. As you build these lists in the following examples, be sure that you don’t get duplicates. For example, lets says  you are going to do a control spider mailing, and you are basing it on spider invoices from the last three years. These invoices may well include several invoices for the same customer. You’ll want your export to represent the unique customers for the spider invoices.

Suggestion: A fun goal for a targeted mailing is to land on your customer’s refrigerator!

Here are Five ideas for targeted mailings that have great value. Each example is based on a found set of your current customers that you’ll reach out to.

-Example 1: Find all invoices based on some single service and send them a mailing promoting your new scheduled control or a new improved product. This works great for ant, spider, roach, and those other specific problems that people call you for help.

-Example 2: Find all residential customers in a single town and offer special on repeating scheduled general pest control. Select the town based on an area you want to grow.

-Example 3: Find all Termite Inspections and offer them a baiting system.

-Example 4: If your software tracks ‘Date of First Service’ find all records with ‘Date of First Service’ greater than, say, three months ago, and send them a mailing welcoming them on board and enclose a “Thank You’ $10 discount on their next service. Repeat every year at mid-summer and late summer. Depending on the power of your software, you could send this offer to new customers who have only had invoice so far!

-Example 5: Find every customer that has an email address and send an email-only offer to each of them. A variation on this is mail everyone in your system a postal mailing, asking for their email address, with a promise of email-only discounts. Then after you type in all the email addresses, send out an bulk email to all of them. or both work great for this. This is a great way to build your business substantially.

There are a hundred different ways to do targeted mailings. The important thing is to think creatively, and do them very frequently. You should be doing at least some mailings for promotional work every single week during the active season. Leverage modern software to expand your companies customer base!