Manami Workman, PestOut (VA)

‘Loving It’   We found PestaRoo after we tried two other systems and being frustrated with those two.
They made the transition from the old one to PestaRoo so easy and very supportive, so we did not have to have any problems to run business as usual right after switching it.

It’s easy to use and clean look on the screen. Simple yet enough to cover all kinds of pest control needs. I love their support system. I don’t have to press 1 for English, press 2 for technical, … to wait forever for urgent support. They always got our back and fast to respond either by phone or email.

I am the owner and this system protects business owners by not allowing ‘iffy’ inputs or deleting important information. Business owners have to trust employees to certain extent, but must have a system to protect the company. PestaRoo is really good at thinking about it. I enjoy using the system every day, and loving it after three years being the user.