How do you change technicians? Do you delete the old technician when you create the new? How do you re-point future Work Orders already created for the old tech? How do you change the Tech ID on existing PreScheds?

The first rule of database is NEVER delete information! Legacy invoices for the prior tech should not be changed. For goodness sake, do NOT delete a technician, merely change their status to ‘No Longer With Company’.

Create the new Tech ID from Home Page >> Value List >> Staff. This is also where you will change the old Tech ID’s status. (Be certain to note the old Tech ID to update WO’s and PreScheds.)

To re-point future WO’s, go to ‘Work Order Choose Name’ and search for the old Tech ID and all future dates. You can now update these WO’s with the new Tech ID from the drop-down list.

To find existing PreScheds, go to ‘PreSched Info’ and search by ‘Next Trigger’ month and year (searching ≥ the next month and ≥ the current year) and the old Tech ID. Once again, change the old Tech ID to the new Tech ID for each record.