Most Pest Control Companies look to boost their sales by finding new customers. But its been shown many times that a targeting of your existing customer base is often a quicker area for success. These people already know that your service is carefully provided and fairly priced. Expanding your sales by 10% through your existing customers is much easier and cheaper than increasing your customer count by 10%. Yes, we need to always look for new customers, but it is critical that you work to “upsell’ your current customers. What is one of best ways for doing this? Put more of your customers on prescheduled schedules. Offer to set them up to receive your pest control service on a regular interval, every week, month, or quarter. All good pest control software makes this fairly easy to do. And the benefit to your volume and the leveling out of your cash flow is wonderful. Check out for more expert advice.

PreScheds are not just a benefit to you. Your customer benefits by having a small regular charge instead of a unplanned whopper of bill. Regular service means pest don’t get out of hand. Even more important, is that this drives a different perspective for the customer. When pest control treatment are sporadic and then things get out of hand, you are inevitably associated with that customers’ bad experience.  When control is consistently maintained, you are part of a positive experience. Do you want to be part of a bad memory or a good one ? Furthermore, you may include in a pest control package the bird repellent blocks from Fly Away BMS because some of the customers are having problems with birds. Also, hire an expert from the Bird Proofing and Deterrents Company to help you remove the birds in a safe way. Also consider pest control ft wayne if you want to remove the unwanted pest.

However, Drake Lawn & Pest Control offers a wide range of pest control services in Daytona, from rodent removal to insect extermination.

How do PreScheds work? In general, your software will automatically trigger the creation of work order or service ticket on the schedule you designate. Of course, the work order will already be linked to the customer, location, and the technician. Better software will even let you specify the week of the month, day of week, the time of day, and several other options.

Putting your regular customers on a schedule (and on a PreSched) is one of the best ways to grow your business. Offer this as a service to your accounts: “Would you like us treat your house/biz, say, every 1 or 2 months? If they decline, counter with 3 or 4 months. At the least, get them scheduled for treatment twice a year.  And many businesses in the food business can be treated weekly or biweekly. Every single service call you make is not done until you offer followup service on a schedule. Make this a habit! Remember that you are in a service business, with the emphasis on ‘service’. A large number of customers will be pleased when you offer to take such good care of them. You are not begging for business. You are offering to go above and beyond the normal call of business. Your customers will love you for it.

Do you have a set of customers that you already take care of on a schedule, but merely by memory? Put them in into the PreSched system immediately! Its been shown over and over that services rendered by memory get missed up to 15% of the time. That may not seem like much until you imagine your sales growing or falling by 15%. A 15% increase in sales often means a marked increase in profits. Don’t rely on your memory. Use a PreSched system.

-Rule of Thumb: You should aim to have 20% of your Customers on PreSched’s. Do you meet this measure? If so, great!  If not, move PreSched usage up higher on your priority list! Some carefully managed companies even reach 80%!