PestaRoo has supported the storing of images for several years. From Customers, Locations, Inspections, Agreements, and other areas, you can store an unlimited number of images and documents. Everything from photos of insect damage, special invoices, proposals, maps, contracts, or spreadsheets and worksheets can easily be stored WITHIN PestaRoo for instant availability and permanent storage. But now, PestaRoo now supports the viewing and printing of those images, within exporting them! Jpg, png, and pdf formats are all supported. A single click allows you to view or print these items. And these images are actually stored in the database, so you no longer have to maintain separate file folders on each customer! The images are  available from any of your copies of PestaRoo, local or remote. Once you see how easy it is to store unlimited images and documents within your customer record, you’ll wonder how you got along with out it.