PestaRoo supports Documents or Image storage, allowing you to keep various documents right inside your own copy of PestaRoo. This is an amazingly powerful function is unmatched in the industry. These Images are stored and accessed from ten different area such as Location, Customer, Staff, Agreements, Inspections etc.  What will you use them for?  Here are a few quick examples: pdfs of Agreements, Staff Driver’s Licenses, MSDS sheets for products, Maps of trap placement, Photos of preexisting Insect damage, and scans of hand written letters from customers. The list is potentially endless. And remember, these images are stored inside PestaRoo, so they are always available from any copy of PestaRoo. So, if you remotely connect from home, or a remote office, or out even of state, they are all there, as if you were in your own office.