What is the best way to manage Prospects in PestaRoo?

We all have lists of prospects. Here are several common ones:

1) People that attended a Home Show.
2) People who signed a ‘sign-up sheet for more info’ at some sponsored event.
3) Addresses of homes near your existing customers that you would like to have.
4) People who just bought a new home listed in the real estate section of your local newspaper.

To leverage their potential value, put them into PestaRoo as ‘Customers’. But in each case, set their Customer Status as ‘Prospect’. (To add ‘Prospect’ to your value list, go to Home Page >>Value Lists>> Customer Status.)

If you do not have their name, just type in “Current Resident” in the Last Name field.

Converting them to customers…

When you want to send out, say, a post card or email to your prospects, you can easily find them from Customer Choose. Then, use PestaRoo’s “Letters” function to print post cards or to send out emails. So quick and so easy!

When one of your new people calls to use your service, change the Status to ‘Current’. If you know the source of the the name, you’ll want to change the Customer Source accordingly so you can track the volumes generated.

Prospects are an often overlooked way to grow your business!